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What is it about Obama and columns?


Dr. Freud, can a column sometimes be just a column?

It started way back when

at least as far back as Harvard.

Small columns adorn the front of my house

on Chicago’s south side.

And yet, I keep dreaming about bigger ones.

I took my campaign to Berlin; guess where I ended up?

I don’t find Middle East politics particularly sexy, but

And to humbly accept my party’s nomination at the convention in Denver, I erected 

The Washington Post got close enough to see they were made of drywall and laminated plywood.  I will etch in stone that as President, I’ll be more solid and honest.  

Doc, do you think I like these things because like them I’m tall and thin?   

I figured I liked them because columns connote strength, and democracy

and exactly what I’m hoping for – victory!

Dr. Freud, is that why we have yet to have a female president?

Grow up, I’m interested in how columns project Humanism 

Like these, copied from the Erechtheum on Athens’ Acropolis. These ladies call out to me from the Museum of Science and Industry on the south side of Chicago, a major monument, just a few blocks where I live. For now.  Until