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Farnsworth House in Second Life


Well-rendered, well-detailed.  The landscape is not at all accurate, but haven’t you always wanted to see the Farnsworth in various sites?  Via computer that is.  To see it in “Second Life” your computer will need to be able to access this address.

Here’s the story of how it was made, and why so many architects snap up ‘land’ in Second Life, the virtual world with almost eight million residents. 

Designer Dingson, the avatar of Lester Clark, (graphics manager for the British firm PRP, which won the Architectural Practice of the Year building award in the UK.) “Given what I know about the real Farnsworth and how it was almost completely unlivable in, (Second Life) is probably the best place for it,” he says. “I don’t have to bleach the decks every couple of weeks, nor worry about the ventilation or flooding. And people love seeing it – I’ve been getting 400 to 500 visitors a day.” 

Clark didn’t build his Farnsworth House from scratch. He bought it for 30,000 Linden dollars (about $120.) from an in-world store called Maximum Minimum, which specializes in modern designs. Its owner goes by the name of Maximilian Milosz, and he’s happy to teleport me to his showroom for a chat.

He looks like a big friendly goth, and tells me he is a Norwegian designer in real life, with a background in art direction and digital media. Since last November, he’s been making a full-time living selling his designs in Second Life.

“I found building very rewarding from day one,” he says, as we stroll past another Farnsworth House at his showroom (he’s sold quite a few, he admits). “In theory, anyone can do it, of course. But having worked with Photoshop since version 1.0 helps.” Working from drawings and photos, the Farnsworth House took him three weeks to “build”, he says. Like Lester Clark, he has never visited the real one.

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