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Licking Eames, liking Eames


If anything would get me to send a letter it’d be these

Now on sale.

I still want to commemorate their film “Powers of Ten” on 10-10-10, in Chicago, on the spot where it was filmed. Let’s prepare now, to erect a marker on that spot on that day.

Meet Charles and Ray Eames and their new lounge chair!


Priceless. And the sexism!

The debut of the Eames Lounge Chair on NBC in 1956.

Part 2: Watch them build the Eames Lounge Chair at the the end.

So down to earth.

The host, Arlene Francis quotes:

“Eames’ desire to move freely in a world of enormous and unlimited possibilities is combined with a very accurate sense of discrimination and taste, which of course we always see. This is an ability to select among the unlimited possibilities and return considerable richness to the world.”

I remember the first time I went to New York I saw Arlene Francis. I was amazed at the glamor with which she carried herself. She was dressed in the latest yet timeless fashion; I remember more necklace than I’d ever seen before, or what was there was very good. Her every hair held fast where it belonged and seemed like it always would, in public. Her half-from-within, half-affixed smile showed more confidence than I’d ever seen in the Midwest. She was only hailing a cab, but I was about eleven, and it was Park Avenue, near Lever House, and the Seagram Building.

Early Eames. 1936. In St. Louis.


Eames again


Eames elephants, house and showroom.

I love L.A. And how when you put an elephant near Disney Hall you learn something about that organic architecture. Gehry’s sail-like, billowy, watery curves take on new connotations. It’s like in the poem The Blind Men and an Elephant.

“It was six men of La-La Land…”

If you’re at work, turn down the volume. Unless you want the sounds of elephants bellowing throughout your workplace. I think if you like Horton hears a who! you’ll like this.

Eames stamps!


What a country!
These almost make me want to make me send letters again. These stamps were some ten years in the works, they’ll be ready to lick this summer.

USPS says:

In recognition of their groundbreaking contributions to architecture, furniture design, manufacturing and photographic arts, designers Charles and Ray Eames will be honored next summer with a pane of 16 stamps designed by Derry Noyes of Washington, DC. If you’ve ever sat in a stackable molded chair, you’ve experienced their creativity. Perhaps best known for their furniture, the Eameses were husband and wife as well as design partners. Their extraordinary body of creative work — which reflected the nation’s youthful and inventive outlook after World War II — also included architecture, films and exhibits. Without abandoning tradition, Charles and Ray Eames used new materials and technology to create high-quality products that addressed everyday problems and made modern design available to the American public.

via 37signals.

Jason Fried from 37signals will speak at this Friday’s SEED Conference in Chicago, at which I’ll pit Rem against Mies. See you there!

This Friday’s SEED is already sold out but Jim Coudal and the gang want to put on another. Let ’em know you’re interested here.


7.7.07 ? I can’t wait for 10.10.10

Gaga over tomorrow’s 7.7.07 ? Pull up a

and listen to this.

7.7.07 got me thinking again about

Charles and Ray Eames and their brilliant short film,
“Powers of Ten.” To see it, click here.

Charles and Ray Eames set and filmed “Powers of Ten.” on Chicago’s lakefront, near Soldier Field. There ought to be a marker to it on that spot, a monument.

At least one of these Eames walnut stools. With others in a circle around it.

I spoke of this idea last month at the Eames House in Pacific Palisades with the lovely Eames granddaughters Llisa and Lucia. They gave it a “ten.” Each.

LLisa and Lucia.

“Eventually, everything connects.”—Charles Eames

Wouldn’t 10.10.10 be the perfect day to inaugurate the monument?


Thanks again to the USC / Annenberg Getty Arts Journalism Fellowship for the visit to the great Eames House
in Pacific Palisades.
Pacific Palisades is also where one wealthy software mogul used to getting what he wants reportedly wanted to move the Farnsworth House when it was for sale a few years ago.


Mies, Mondrian and “the House of Worship.”

If the Farnsworth House, aka “The House of Worship,” had stained glass. Another YouTube video.

Of course, one of the miracles of the Farnsworth is how it heightens the colors of nature outside of its lens.

And didn’t Charles and Ray Eames do a kind of colored Mies-style house in L.A.?

(I had to get color in here somehow, after all the Sturm und Drang!)

Eames House Photo: Tim Street-Porter