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What goes up must come down.

Lee Bey has a nice post on the photos of Charles W. Cushman, taken around the country between about 1938 and 1969. Lee likes this photo, he says it’s Dali-esque.

The swooping lines and the corner bay window immediately reminded me of

Fred and Ginger, by Frank Gehry, in Prague. Interesting what happens when architects portray a challenge to gravity.

And when you see the above, it’s always interesting to see a photo of the other Fred and Ginger, also light as two feathers,

Happy Holidays! And check out Lee’s blog, The Urban Observer. It’s been superb lately. With his own fantastic photographs.

And if Fred and Ginger, either in building or in blood, didn’t warm you up, here are two more shots of summer from Charles W. Cushman.