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A green roof grows in Singapore

The new School of Art, Design & Media at Nanyang Technological University


PBS does Green


From Freiburg where “green” began, to China’s ongoing revolution, to maverick Cameron Sinclair’s “design like you give a damn,” to wind harvesting in Minnesota, to ethanol to India to architect Thom Mayne’s green work, to Bogota’s Mayor Enrique Penalosa, to “Biophilia” housing, adaptive reuse in the Netherlands to Edward Mazria’s Architecture 2030; check out these videos and you’ll “give a damn.”

e2 | PBS is an ongoing PBS documentary series that chronicles efforts to solve the world’s most pressing ecological challenges. … Interviews with experts, policymakers and pioneers across a variety of disciplines offer a firsthand account of the complex environmental challenges that we face, as well as the possibility that pragmatic solutions are within reach. The series is narrated by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman.


Al Gore and the Architects

Want to know what Al Gore told the architects this weekend at a closed-to-the-media event at the San Antonio national convention of the American Institute of Architects?

Click here.

Gore sees a ‘spiritual crisis’ in global warming.

The theme of the convention was “Growing Beyond Green.”

All aboard the Helmut Jahn Express


Pardon me boys, but Helmut Jahn’s SRO on the north side of Chicago is looking good.
Like a train running through the neighborhood.
Nice romantic imagery.
And Chicago has a lot of history with trains. Both as the freight and passenger hub and for the Illinois Central and the Great Migration of people riding the train up here from the south.

Helmut’s work is a knock – off of

his own fine dorms at the Illinois Institute of Technology, across the street from Crown Hall. There he said the train imagery is because these dorms run alongside the tracks and when he studied at IIT he’d romanticize taking the ‘el’ forty or so blocks north, into downtown Chicago.

The Near North Apartments add wind turbines to the top, – you can see them in the photos – they’re to create a little energy, or at least to make a nod in that direction.

Inside are 96-units for homeless people. The housing is slated to also provide access to services such as mental health assistance and vocational guidance.) Jahn told me he did the work pro-bono. It’s due to open in February. We’ll keep you up-to-date.


more on Jahn, and his SRO here