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Where do architects find inspiration?


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The first four images are the spaces that Jacques Herzog told the Tate Modern were his most inspiring.

The antique underground caves in Rome.
Stockholm City Library by Erik Gunnar Asplund.
The space under the Eiffel Tower by Gustave Eiffel.
Biblioteca Laurenziana by Michelangelo in Florence.

It’ll be interesting to see how they affect especially the interior and the outdoor spaces of the new Tate Modern 2, which is the bottom image.

Herzog and Pierre de Meuron are designing that new building to go next to the existing Tate Modern, which they also created out of a former power station by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott. Tate Modern 2 is due to open around 2012.


Herzog vs. Eisenman!
Jeff Kipnis moderates and agitates.

Watch the webcast here.

Kipnis: “These are two architects, I think – among three in the world – who really have fought a lifelong battle to rescue architecture from its banality and mediocrity which it can lapse into….” (I think Kipnis would say Rem Koolhaas is the third.)

Kipnis: for Jacques Herzog, “There is a primacy of the sensory pleasures of the building that you take to be a given condition.”

For Peter Eisenman, “The role of architecture is perhaps to cast suspicion on the degree to which the pleasures of the experiences in the building might be the primary role of the architecture and to think about the building might be its primary cultural project…. Peter you certainly don’t produce a sensuous architecture, do you think?”