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Steven Holl – Beijing – Linked Hybrid – videos


Urban porosity, cinema in architecture, green roof gardens, 600 geo-thermal wells, recycled water, zen mounds of earth, extravagant combinations of intense color determined with the I Ching and a “hidden intellectual agenda.” Plus fresh visual perspectives. If this project scared you when you first saw it, watch this. And part 2:


Buildings and Picasso’s guitars


While thinking about Steven Holl’s University of Iowa in Iowa City School of Art and Art History

and how it’s supposed to be based on Pablo Picasso’s 1912 sheet-metal-and-wire guitar sculpture:

I came across this 1914 Picasso collage of a musical instrument:

and thought it reminded me of this:

Rem’s library in Seattle.

John Silber – Architecture of the Absurd


Silber: “How Genius Disfigured a Practical Art.”
10 minute video.

How local TV news disfigures discussion about architecture. Sad.

The problem with America’s built environment is not Frank Gehry’s Stata Center (whose interior impresses me more and more each time I see it. The exterior I still find a little tragi-comic for upright Cambridge.) The problem is the bland, boring and cheap buildings you might see on the way to Stata. The ones with not enough art or thought in them.