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Nice curves and skin
Have you seen the cladding that just went up on the ramp to Trump Chicago’s parking garage?

It may be the best part of the building. The ramp seems to flare out a bit, almost like a flower. And the green tint is nice, it has some life to it, and it’s marine-like, like much of this tower along the Chicago river. The ramp is not on the riverfront, it’s on the Wabash Avenue side.

Were the glass not green, it would look even more like Frank Gehry’s glass at IAC/InterActiveCorp Headquarters in New York.

The curves of Trump’s parking ramp complement the curves on the edges of the building. And in our straight-lined, right-angled downtown, such sensuality shocks. As does Bertrand Goldberg’s curved auditorium at Marina City, which complements the curves of that riverside structure.
-E ‘scuse me, while I kiss the sky.

Marina City photo by Ron Schramm/Edelman Gallery