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Do Art Museums make you climb the walls?


Or are these workers being asked to leave as art museums retrench from the economy?

Or a couple looking for meaning in Modern Art?

No, it’s a new Fitness Club in Japan, in Omotesando, Tokyo; by Japanese designer Nendo.


Happy Holidays


For winter solstice I traveled up through

the hills of Malibu

looking like Arizona, Sedona, this time of year.

The light changes from point to point.

We arrived at Eric Lloyd Wright’s Wright Organic Resource Center

Others already stood on the hilltop, looking out over the Pacific Ocean. To join them we walked past

a lovely koi pond (shades of Japan, shades of Guggenheim!)

Frank Lloyd Wright often included a water element, even in his urban projects, and in his Southern California work.

This house, designed by Eric Lloyd Wright, grows organically out of the hill, the side of the hill, the brow, like Taliesin (“Shining Brow”) where Eric had lived and worked with “grandfather” for many years.

Others had also come to visit Eric and his lovely, sympathetic and artistic wife Mary and their family, and to see the sun set on the shortest day of the year.

The house for now is far from finished. Some of its forms recall a Japanese Shinto gate; and, as in Shinto, this architecture considers nature sacred and imbued with spirits. To be here is to feel those spirits. Shinto celebrates the sense and essence of a particular place, as does this house. Its concrete looks the color of the hill on which it stands, particularly when bathed with

Underneath the terrace, in the space below, burns the hearth of the home. Fire, to go with the water element, and earth, and air. The space with the hearth faces the sun


over the Pacific.

Back up on top of the terrace

The prow of the house

lines up with the sun on this day of the solstice. Those metal poles will be replaced by solar panels when the house is finished.

We watched an especially surreal, sublime Los Angeles sunset, enhanced by this quiet, dark, natural spot.

They take away all that feels solid inside of you

I looked to the right and saw Eric (in the center, wearing a hat) with a circle of friends

His seems a satisfied mind.

I turned around to watch

We then gathered for warmth and food, back where the koi swam silently. There we were, beneath two aged and spreading, sheltering trees; their branches wrapped loosely in Italian (Chinese?) little white lights. These illuminated our faces, but didn’t keep us warm. We wrapped our hands around warm mugs of herbal tea, shared dinner and merrymaking.

Happy Holidays to you!


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