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Jeanne Gang’s Aqua tower in Chicago looking good


Romantic, retro.

Seen from the river, from which Aqua takes it name. It’s by the Chicago river, and Lake Michigan. When finished, it’ll be 82 stories, topped by a green roof.

And Aqua looks to meet the earth in an urbane manner.

While it’s hard to find precedent in boxy Chicago for the Aqua tower, how about this: Bertrand Goldberg’s River City, which also flows and undulates next to the water

If you, like me, admire Jeanne Gang‘s work, read about her in the latest Metropolis. And don’t miss the slide show of what she’s done, and what’s to come. She and partner Mark Schendel are shining stars in Chicago. And Aqua is the most expensive project ever awarded to an American firm headed by a woman.

Other projects undulate, such as this early model of Frank Gehry’s Beekman Tower in New York.

But Studio Gang’s is different, the way it moves side to side, and moves organically, it’s more like Chicago’s famous “Little Egypt,” who danced the danse du ventre at the 1893 World’s Fair.

It dances, doesn’t it?

At times, Aqua looks like someone left a Mies out in the rain.

Which then reminds me of Rem Koolhaas. He once photoshopped breasts onto a Miesian flat facade.

Jeanne Gang and Mark Schendel worked for Koolhaas in the Netherlands.

Now I’ve seen something


If Lee Bey is not the best photographer capturing Chicago area faces and places, then who is?

Scroll all the way down his site and go through every one of his archives, if you haven’t already. “Oh, that way, Chicago lies.”

Here’s his shot of Jeanne Gang‘s Aqua,

The 80+ story residential high rise going up in Lake Shore East in Chicago.