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Hello Beautiful LA!


New horizons. On the day I arrived

I went inside three beautiful homes designed by John Lautner.

Each a glorious rhythm.

Each a free-flowing rhapsody on its site

in episodes of contrasting tones.

Their effects float musically through space and the landscape.

Peering through the glass, seeing my self reflected, and my hopes, I dreamt of many things.

But I was not with a real estate agent, not looking to buy. No, the houses were open for a day, for a fee, in conjunction with the fine exhibition at the Hammer Museum: “Between Earth and Heaven – The Architecture of John Lautner.

The installation at the Hammer works well. Putting the models and drawing at about waist height, with the cases in white, also makes you feel like you’re floating.

And I love the see-through models placed in front of large photos or even videos. You look through the models, as an occupant would, to see the gorgeous views of the natural world.

Of course, nothing is like actually going inside a John Lautner, and you have three more chances. The Hammer and the Getty Research Institute are also sponsoring a symposium on Lautner, on September 19. You’ll find other events too, such as Lautner and film, this being LA.

The natural materials and the immateriality, the site and the light, the theoretical geometries and the nature bursting in to John Lautner’s houses does place one somewhere between Heaven and Earth. And if you’re not from here, it’s a different kind of heaven. Very soft.

Much to contemplate