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Betsky, Kipnis, Mau, Ryan, Nicholson Exploring Design in Chicago. Feb. 17 roundtable. Feb 18 Betsky lecture.

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It could be the event of the year in Chicago. See you there!


Herzog vs. Eisenman!
Jeff Kipnis moderates and agitates.

Watch the webcast here.

Kipnis: “These are two architects, I think – among three in the world – who really have fought a lifelong battle to rescue architecture from its banality and mediocrity which it can lapse into….” (I think Kipnis would say Rem Koolhaas is the third.)

Kipnis: for Jacques Herzog, “There is a primacy of the sensory pleasures of the building that you take to be a given condition.”

For Peter Eisenman, “The role of architecture is perhaps to cast suspicion on the degree to which the pleasures of the experiences in the building might be the primary role of the architecture and to think about the building might be its primary cultural project…. Peter you certainly don’t produce a sensuous architecture, do you think?”

Mies in Mannheim


As close as you’re ever going to get to this unbuilt building.

Nice sound in this video too. Nice to “walk through” this.

The openness of it and the use of glass make me think of the auditorium at Boston’s (one year old) Institute of Contemporary Art, by Diller Scofidio + Renfro. In that project, fifty years after Mies, the auditorium is also open to the outside via floor-to-ceiling glass.