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Trump -et blasts in the sun!

Beautiful day yesterday. 73 degrees and sunny! So I decided to stroll down the blvd to see if Trump could trumpet. I wondered also if I’d like it more after my wonderful interview with its designer, Adrian Smith. And his building did pretty well.

What music do you hear? If Trump Tower were a trumpet player who would it be? Not, my favorite
How come looking at that photo brings a smile to my face, every time?

Trump Chicago is not the quality of the great art that Louis used to blow in these parts. It doesn’t have the originality. But it did shine.

There’s the view from the Michigan Avenue bridge, which is Trump Chicago’s least successful view. But it is looking better in the sun. Of course it still has a long way to go, both upward, and to reach “great architecture.” So who on trumpet does it make you hear? Still thinking? Here’s another pic, to see how Trump relates to the great Michigan Avenue bridgehouses

That’s a little too “Houston” and the views are too distorted for my taste. You know, “our buildings reflect us” and well, I’m not that distorted, are you? The distorted reflection in a modernist glass curtain wall, of great buildings around it, reminds me of another site in Chicago

The Borg-Warner on Michigan and Adams.

Now Trump is better than that. But the Donald’s building blows its horn too loud and too tinny. Learn to play in an ensemble, man! It’s too much bling, and calls too much attention to itself, in relation to the more stately Wrigley building on the right and the fine towers up the river on Wacker Drive. Of course, attention is what the Donald craves. At least we were able to get a good building out of him.

Remember when cities wanted to be stately? Now they want to grab instant attention.
So who’s trumpet music does Trump make me hear?

Wynton Marsalis.

Not the worst, but not Louis Armstrong.

And on that site, we should have something of the quality of Louis Armstrong.

Aren’t you glad I didn’t say,

“Yes, I think to myself, what a wonderful world….

Oh yeah.”