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Koolhaas / OMA Porto Video

Casa da Música

and the interior

Bonus points – who played the opening concert? Lou Reed! and Portuguese pop-rock band Clã.

Koolhaas hearts Melnikov and Rusakov


A few years ago (1998!) I heard Rem Koolhaas lecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He spoke at length of his appreciation for the Soviet Constructivist architects of the 1920’s and ’30’s.

I knew when Koolhaas/OMA’s Casa da Musica opened in Porto, Portugal about three years ago

that its form reminded me of something. It just came to me what.

Konstantin Melnikov’s Rusakov Club for Transport Workers (1927 – 1929). A building of the sort Rem lauded in his talk.

And inside both buildings are auditoria.

More on Melnikov worth reading.