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This afternoon, both Edward Lifson of Hello Beautiful! and Chicago’s cultural historian Tim Samuelson eloquently demonstrated how architecture can be like a musical instrument. Lifson began the lecture by illustrating how Beethoven’s approach to music influenced Frank Lloyd Wright and demonstrated the ways in which Unity Temple reflects a musical composition. It was completely enchanting to hear the comparisons while listening to a Beethoven concerto and taking in the views inside Wright’s Oak Park masterpiece.

Tim Samuelson passionately spoke about his favorite Chicago architectural gems, only as he could. He spoke of The Chicago Auditorium and the Pilgrim Baptist Church. I seriously wish I could explain the fascinating details of Samuelson’s talk, but instead I’ll recommend that you listen to Hello Beautiful‘s June 26, 2005 special titled The Sound of Architecture to give you an idea.

Bottom line, you should have been there!

If you missed it, we’ll do similar events. I’m trying to figure out where next.

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