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See Seagram, Susan Sontag and sun. (Plus Philip Johnson.)


“The Seagram Building gleamed like a switchblade in the autumn sun.”

“The elevator swished up like a gigolo’s hand on a silk stocking….”

Susan Sontag, (herself as lovely, dignified and interesting as the Seagram.)


The new Seoul?


Is the teardrop shape for the old soul?

Elegant though. The tallest would be 152 stories. Ready for you in 2016.



No Chutzpah in America?

Philip Nobel, in

“… the most pressing reason that we won’t soon see a “Burj Chicago” is more subtle, more emotional: the lack in America’s traditional urban centers of that upstart spirit, a kind of invin­cible optimism, possibly shading into hubris, that is the birthright of the achieving underdog, and that will move people to pursue what may be an econom­ically irrational goal in order to make their potential known to the wider world. In other words, chutzpah.”

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