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Snapped by Mistake

Why does everything look more interesting through a frame?

And especially on those backlit screens, now in digital cameras, on video iPods, even in cellphones.

I notice that when I turn on my cellphone camera, whatever it’s pointed at looks interesting. Because it is framed. And because the backlighting of the screen accentuates the colors and makes the scene look important.

If the lens points down, the pavement looks interesting, especially with your shoes. If the lens points up, the the skyline always looks interesting, especially surrounded by blue.

The other day I put my bag on a window ledge and took out my phone to make a call.

The camera turned on since that was the last thing I had done with the gizmo.
The lens pointed down at the window ledge on which sat my bag, and all by itself (I fantasize) it snapped a photo. The photo above.

It’s not too bad for a total mistake, a random shot, is it?

It’s got a little Mondrian going for it, a little Maholy – Nagy (an artist we were just talking about here.)

So it’s derivative of groundbreaking artists, and we’ve now been conditioned to appreciate what they saw as art before we did, but it’s interesting that whenever we frame something, even with these little ditigal apparati we carry around, it can turn it into what this society considers art.

This, “snapped by mistake #1” interests me.

Look, now I’ve even titled it.

Wonder what it’s worth? lol – now it’s really contemporary art!

I’ll post interesting “Snapped-by-mistakes” as they happen.
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