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Only in Chicago

Which new Chicago retail space
caused people to comment on their website…

Not being in Chicago is TORTURE.

almost, but not quite, speechless.


I don’t live in america 😥

Damn! Why i have to live in germany?! 😦

Will the London store be this good?

That’s it. I’m moving to Chicago!

can i just…live there?

Find out what they love here and here.

And they do excellent videos!

Oprah builds in Chicago


What would Oprah build?

“It’s all about comfort and self-expression … “

at the first and brand new Oprah store. It opened yesterday at 37 N. Carpenter, down the street from her Harpo Studios on Chicago’s Near West Side.

“Large acrylic O’s light up at night on the entry walkway. Inside, bamboo, pastel colors and a brightly lighted loft set the tone.”

For me, this other rather new store in Chicago is “way more cool.”

(Photos: Sun-Times/Harpo-George Burns)