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Does it look like “Ville Radieuse” because I see from the Edens expressway at 55 mph?

Is it designed, as so many buildings are, to make an impression from a speeding car?

With gas prices going up, and society beginning to drive less, how will post-war, big bold buildings, made-to-speed-by and glance at, how will they look, when we walk past them?

I suppose some people don’t like old crafted buildings because it takes too long to absorb their message.

What other art forms suffer from our sped up way of life?

Many people can’t appreciate a symphony because “nothing happens” or “it takes too long for something to happen.”

We’re going fast. Good art sometimes goes slow.

Slow down. Give it a try. Sometimes what doesn’t have only a first, fast impression, can penetrate deeply.

Other times, eg with a cathedral, it can make a quick impression when you first see it, and then only get deeper.

I long for urban experiences like that.