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Fabulous. Frank Lloyd Wright on "What’s My Line?"


Wright, almost 89 years old on June 3, 1956 looks a little bored, although he does “twinkle” at the applause, when they introduce him as

I love it when one of the panelists asks if their mystery guest (FLW) works for a profit-making organization! I wish Wright had had the chance to answer.

And the question about whether his work involves the law is very funny.

Once he’s named, and asked what he’s worked on recently, Wright responds,

“…just built a tower on the Western prairies, the Price Tower. I wish you could see it. I’m quite pleased with it. I wish we had a photograph of it here, I’d like the panel to see it. Make sure they haven’t wasted their ‘guest time.'”

Ah yes, the modesty of the “World Famous Architect,”