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At the Union League Club.
Looking at the Monet on the wall. Such a colorful landscape! Art Critic Jim Yood says it’s a serious painting, you can tell because it’s got two coats of paint! I say it’d look fine in many a museum. He agrees. But what really knocked me out, pun intended, is “Le Combat IV” by Leon Golub. In his dour 1963 tones he painted two everymen (a’ la Cain and Abel) engaged in combat. You feel the weight of their struggle, and wonder why. Why do we fight? Is their beauty in it? Did Golub find some beauty in le combat? See for yourself. I’ll tell you how. And don’t miss “Woman at the Window” by one of Chicago’s greatest painters – Vera Klement. In this large canvas, a rather svelte and well-dressed woman with her back turned to us, looks out at a landscape. Klement gave us marvelous active brushstrokes in this painting, and colors of pale sunlight, with rays of warmth. Over the last forty years she has often painted dualities, and we see it here too – in the woman’s relationship to the landscape. They’re both part figurative, part abstract. At first they’re separate elements – woman and land. But as you look longer, and the gorgeous lively colors and shapes work their magic, you begin to connect the two parts in your mind. That effect alone is worth the more than the price of admission. Because it’s all free. They don’t charge anything to see the collection which is very strong in Chicago-area artists including Ruth Duckworth, Ed Paschke, Jim Nutt, Roger Brown, Richard Hunt, Ivan Albright and Don Baum (nice thin, painted house). That should please Jim Yood, who wrote in his ode to Millennium Park:

“I know my limits, I’m no member of Mensa
But couldn’t someone 606ish reach the heights of Plensa?”

Jim’s referring to the Crown Fountain, by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa, and to the lack of work by Chicagoland artists in Millennium Park. Gotta have him on the show soon. He likes Millennium Park a lot less than do I. (Jim also writes for the CACA Review. Not surprised? CACA – the Chicago Art Critics Association.)

Now, back to the Union League Club, did I say FREE? Yes it’s true, but advance reservations are required. Best is to catch, with reservations, a tour the first Friday of each month, at ten am. Glad they’re not on Sundays or they’d compete with something we do, in addition to this blog. Hello Beautiful! Try to get a tour with the full-time art curator of the Union League Club – Marianne Richter. Wow! A full-time art curator at a club. That’s one club I would like to be a member of.
Just gotta watch out for the “Rendezvous Room” in the evening, if you don’t like stinky cigars.
So call the Union League to arrange for your tour, then hightail it to
65 W. Jackson.
Tell ’em I sent ya.